Casa Sotto

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During certain periods Casa Sotto can be rented in addition to the Casa Nova. In Casa Sotto you find an ample kitchen with a dinner table, a large bedroom with bathroom, and separately a small bedroom and a large loggia (covered terrace). All these spaces have an entrance for themselves, only the large bedroom and the bathroom adjoin each other. The bathroom has a shower and a toilet. The large bedroom has a twin bed (140 x 200 cm). The small bedroom has two beds (90 x 200 cm). In the kitchen you have flowing cold and hot water, a fridge, and a stove with oven. Altogether Casa Sotto has room for 2 to 4 persons.

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There is no separate sitting room, only the covered terrace with a wonderful view; the ample kitchen is for cooking and dinner. The apartment is particularly suitable if you have rented Casa Nova and want to host as well some friends or, perhaps, your children’s grandparents. The apartment is not suitable for parents of toddlers, as there are no fences around the terrace (for babies or children past toddler age this is not a problem).

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Period Amount Weekly period
High season €325,- weekly + €20 one-off charges Saturday to Saturday
2nd half August €275,- weekly + €20 one-off charges Saturday to Saturday
June €275,- weekly + €20 one-off charges Saturday to Saturday
May €200,- weekly + €20 one-off charges Saturday to Saturday
September €250,- weekly + €20 one-off charges Saturday to Saturday

Everything else is up for mutual consideration
We assume that the house is left behind in the same clean state in which you found it. For prolonged stays you may find it advisable to hire a cleaning lady once or twice. However, the €20 one-off charges are for cleaning after departure, for which we hire our cleaning lady in any case.


We further need a deposit of €100 which we return in the case of normal usage of electricity, gas, and water – ordinary usage is included in the rent.