The tiny community (named Bussare) where our house is situated at a remove of two km from Olivetta ran out of inhabitants after the Second World War. Between then and now, starting in the 1970s, several families, chiefly Dutch, purchased many of its empty houses. Some original inhabitants, who regained pleasure in the place and returned, may well be around in the summer season.

What you rent with us is a very old house, or rather a combination of, originally, about a dozen tiny farmer’s abodes. The eldest portions were built more than a thousand years ago, in the form of arcs. A peasant constructed a small room of about three to four meters by collecting a large heap of fire wood and piling natural stones and chalk upon the heap. Setting the wood ablaze then led to the chalk burning the stones together. If in need of more space, he built another arc beside the earlier one, or a room crossed over it length-wise. That is how heaps of room-houses emerged, with rather wayward mutual connections. It is this collection of small peasant abodes fused into one large building that we had local contractors rehabilitate for us in a sober and authentic yet comfortable manner. Several room-houses were combined many decades ago into one three-level apartment for ourselves; the remainder, now known to us as the Casa Nova and the Casa Sotto, was built up more recently, in such a way that the three resulting apartments are completely separate from each other.

We assume that the tenants come with their own linen; that they depart on Saturday at 10 AM (unless other arrangements have been agreed upon beforehand), and that they leave the apartment behind in a clean state. There is no caretaker, so it is up to the tenants themselves to change the gas bottles when needed. The keys, and a detailed description of how to get to the house, are available upon conclusion of the lease.

We are private persons who are happy to rent our two apartments to people in love with nature and culture. Those who come here are quiet guests. If you like the party life, large feasts, enjoying the wee hours of the night, or if you would resent the absence of a tv, you will not feel at home with us. We hope that, just like us, you will come to love the place. We rent it to you on a basis of trust.